Do not read this blog!

Man covering eyesReally, don’t bother. I am not selling anything, I am not trying to educate you, and I will not reveal my deepest darkest secrets for your titillation. I am just rambling on.

What? You’re still here? Well, so be it. Let me explain a bit then. I write this blog purely for my own amusement. I do not use it to promote myself or my services. It is not part of a grand marketing master scheme. I write because I enjoy writing. That’s it. I share my thoughts, I muse, and sometimes I complain. I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for me. Just writing is fun. For me. That’s why I do it. If you enjoy it, fine, but I really don’t care.

And don’t expect regular posts. When I have some free time I write more. When I’m busy I write less. My schedule is based on my whims, nothing more.

And finally, while I often babble on about marketing, I write whatever pops into my head. It might be marketing, and often is, but it might not. That’s my choice and I make no promises. Caveat emptor. Or in this case I guess it would be “reader beware” but I have exhausted my knowledge of Latin so I’ll just leave it there.

Still reading? I can’t imagine why. I write on my schedule, for my amusement, on topics that interest me. Which, oddly enough, seems to be the purpose of so many blogs that I stumble across that actually belong to one company or another. Or at least that is the only logical conclusion I can often arrive at. Because why else would so many blogs be so useless?

Blog peeve #1 – product promotion disguised as a blog. If all you are doing is spouting about how wonderful your product is, that’s not a blog – that’s a data sheet in poetic form. It’s boring. Really boring. If I want to know why I should buy your product I’ll look on your product pages, not follow your blog. And I need to do that once, not on a regular basis. Unless you have some wildly popular consumer item that I am in love with, I’m sorry but your product is boring. I may need it, I may buy it. But I certainly don’t want to read about it each week. Get over yourself and talk about something I’m interested in. And if you manage to be at least remotely interesting I might let you slip in the odd reference to how to best use your product to make my life better. Maybe, But you had better be interesting first.

Blog peeve #2 – zombies. Now don’t get me wrong, I love zombies! But zombie blogs – and there are so many of them – are worse than boring. Living dead blogs. Ones that were once so promising and full of life, with a number of well written and interesting posts. And then… death. Well, not death because the blog site is still there. Just no new content. Not dead, not alive – a zombie blog! Because the company or department lost interest and moved on. After ramping up on this great new idea, creating it, promoting it, writing some actually interesting posts… priorities changed and the writer(s) got pulled off to work on something else.

And finally, blog peeve #3 – praying for the miracle of user generated content. This results in ghost blogs – all built and completely empty. This one is the worst of the bunch and offenders are responsible for creating a whole blog site and thinking that if they just build it the users will come and contribute all the content. That makes you, at best, delusional. They will not come. They will not create your content for you. There are not hordes of people just waiting for a forum to spew content on. If they really want to write that much they probably have their own blog.

If you are going to start a blog for your company, please please please think it through first. Be interesting and stop talking about your product! Be committed and have a plan to create content for the next few years at a minimum. And make that plan involve your company spending its own time and money to create content – not your customers. Unless you simply enjoy writing, like me. Then ramble on!

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