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Do not use social media

Everyone needs a social media program, right? Social Media is hot. The right social media program with the right execution can certainly make a positive difference. But when things are done wrong? Bad news! We get lots of examples of … Continue reading

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Does good marketing destroy your privacy?

Is privacy over-rated? And even if it isn’t, is it possible in today’s world? I wrestle with these questions both as an individual trying to protect my privacy (perhaps fruitlessly) and a marketing guy trying to… um… well, actually not … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the three customer interaction models

Some businesses are too hard to talk to. That is obviously a bad thing and can turn customers away. Some businesses are too easy to talk to. This may sound good, but it can also scare people away and lose … Continue reading

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Work harder, not smarter

No, that’s not a typo. I realize the conventional catch phrase is “work smarter, not harder”. And that may work in the classroom but in the office it ends up all too often being an excuse to cut overhead. This … Continue reading

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