Children's Books

Risky Business
Published 1956 by Putnam and Sons, with another edition published by E. M. Hale & Co.
Illustrated by Leonard Shortall





Ozzie and the 19th of April
Published 1957 by Putnam
Illustrated by Leonard Shortall





That's How the Ball Bounces
Published 1972 by Garrard Publishing
Illustrated by Lynn Titleman





No, No, No, and Yes
Published 1973 by Garrard Publishing
Illustrated by Lynn Titleman





Mystery of the Lobster Thieves
Published 1978
Illustrated by Raymond Keane





Boris and Monsters
Published 1980 by Houghton Mifflin
Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

"Boris was not really afraid of the dark. Why, he could sit in his closet with the light off and not be afraid at all - in the daytime. But then, the shadows never changed to eerie monsters in the daytime. Something had to be done. Perhaps Boris didn't have to go to bed at all? For the more he looked, the more certain he was the shapes were monsters, dancing in the darkness, just waiting to creep out and get him.

How Boris finds his own solution to this imaginary but nevertheless very real dilemma is told with wit and sensitivity by Elaine Macmann Willoughby and illustrated with a bright warmth by Lynn Munsinger."

Mystery of the Island Fires
Published 1991 by Newfield Publications
Illustrated by Janet Hamlin







Originally written in 1970 as a fund-raiser, the book sold for many years at the shops in Strawberry Banke with profits going to the museum. The book is out of print but is still relevant and I will be making this book available as a downloadable PDF in the near future.

Photography by H. Wilfred Churchill




English Gardens - a narrated slideshow by Mac Willoughby

Part1 - Part 2





Barefoot - a poem by Elaine Macmann written while working on her Ph.D.

"Children's Writer Contemplates Doing Brain Surgery" - short article written for Wheelock alumni magazine in 1995

"The Need to Create" - short article written for the Mary C. Wheeler school newsletter

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